Living Life Boldly!
2014 is Here. It’s time for reflection and letting go. 

Every year I reflect on my life, the things I did, and how I can be different.  What I realize time after time is, I must live my passion boldly. 

Below are some of the things I do daily to stay clear and on target. 

Questions for reflections…

  • What were the lessons learned in 2013? 
  • What worked? What didn’t? 
  • How can I be different?
  • What were my accomplishments? (Give thanks for all your accomplishments and lessons learned.)
  • What are my intentions for this new year?

  1. Keep a Journal. (This is for releasing and tracking your progress.)
  2. Sit quiet for at least 30 min daily. (This is a very short period of time to give yourself out of 24 hrs a day.) Meditation music is good for focus. 
  3. Ask your inner-self, what is it I am to do? How do I need to be? What will it feel like?
  4. Who/what do I need to release from my life? (To forgive?)
  5. Who/what am I to surround myself with?
  6. How am I to be empowered and hold myself in the highest regard? (Integrity)
  7. Who do I need to be? How do I accomplish it?
  8. Is there anything else I need to know?
  9. Be open to the answers.

Breathe slowly and deeply during this period. It helps slow the mind and all the racing thoughts. 

Now when the answers are revealed to you, write them down when you can or as soon as you can. This is important. The longer we take to chart our awareness, the messages may be forgotten. 

The revealing could come in many forms, ie… a feeling, an inner voice, a visual, a sound, or an angel. (Human or spiritual angel) Or many other ways. Pay attention who enters your life and the message they bring. 

Commit to doing at least one thing different every day. Just do it!

It’s a Powerful first step. 
This is your life and YOU must do the work to see change.

Note: These are only some questions you may ask yourself. You may have many of your own. Use them too. These are only to help you get you started. 

Happy Sailings into the new year. Happy New Year and Happy New YOU!!!

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